Let’s Make Some Money In Real Estate

Friends, allow me to give you one word of advice today.  This is the time to make money in real estate if you are living in Charleston, South Carolina or if you intend to move here.  Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us when or how and now, you can consider that done.  I’m going to be upfront in this blog post today.  If I can help any of you enhance your financial position as it pertains to real estate, I’m available to do so.  I want to reiterate something, I’m not trying to convince you to get on the bandwagon after the fact.  This is the time to begin your investment portfolio in real estate again.  Markets go up and down, right?  Well, we are about to see some serious action in the Lowcountry.  I’m convinced that the next 4 to 5 years or more will be the best of times for real estate investments in Charleston, South Carolina.  You see, our wonderful little city on the coast has been preparing for and inviting different corporations and businesses to relocate  here…and it’s working.  For more information on the recent growth trend I’m speaking of, please read my blog Steady As We Grow…

Why Charleston, South Carolina?

I’ve been doing some investigative research myself over the past few months and it has come to my attention that you stand to make a good deal of money should you make some deliberate decisions now.  We are fortunate to have a great basis of economic drivers already.  Did you know that we are a port city?  We are and have been for many decades.  We are also a cruise ship port and destination as well as a tourism hub but, these are not the main reasons for my conclusion.  The main reasons are found in my blog The Dynamics of Real Estate in Charleston, South Carolina


This place is growing fast and there are no shortage of places to call home in and around the city.  I’m going to mention one place that is just outside of downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  We call it James Island.  It is only about a mile from downtown proper and is the one and only way to Folly Beach, The Edge of America.  Some of you may have visited Folly Beach in the past but, I’m here to tell you that it’s getting a facelift.  There are homes starting in the low $300K’s for a wonderful 2 BR 2 BA condominium or, if you prefer single family homes, you can find some gems from the mid $400K’s.  I personally love the laid back feel of Folly Beach.  There are some truly grand properties along the waterfront backed up by some cute little bungalows.  If you’d like to see the current real estate listings in Charleston, SC or on Folly Beach, please feel free to check out my website http://www.StacieSmith.Homes  It’s connected directly to the Charleston Trident MLS.  (Multiple Listings Service)  There you will find the most accurate and up to date information about the homes for sale in this area.

IOP Beach

Perhaps, you are more of a traditional home lover.  Something that is not in downtown Charleston, SC but has easy access should you want to go out to dinner or do some shopping.  Well, then may I suggest Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  This town is only one bridge away from downtown proper.  You will find many types of homes and neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant.  It is expanding rapidly and has been for sometime now.  This is one of the most desirable places to live in the Lowcountry.  Here you will find plenty of beautiful neighborhoods which are only a few miles from another beach that we love called Isle of Palms Beach.  Mount Pleasant has a variety of landscapes.  It is home to Shem Creek and Boone Hall Plantation as well as the Charleston Harbor Resort which is next to Patriot’s Point.  Homes in Mount Pleasant range from the mid $300K’s to the high $800K’s or higher with the majority of homes in the $500K to $600K range.

Chas Harbor resort Fish house

One last place that I would like for you to consider within the immediate area surrounding downtown Charleston, SC is West Ashley.  Here you will find some of the most affordable homes in town.  West Ashley is named for it’s position to the west of the Ashley River.  There are some homes that are riverfront but, for the most part you will just find wonderful neighborhoods in a range of prices.  West Ashley offers both convenience to downtown and is in reasonable proximity to Folly Beach, Isle of Palms Beach and Kiawah Island Beach.  West Ashley is home to Drayton Hall Plantation as well as Magnolia Plantation.  It has a charm and character all its own.  Homes in this area are seeing great price increases.  While you can find a single family home in the mid $100K’s, it will likely need a good bit of updating and maintenance.  Most homes are priced between $250K and $400K in this part of town.  There are also plenty of townhomes in West Ashley ranging from the low $100K’s to the upper $400K’s.  West Ashley is separated by the highway 526 loop.  Homes inside the loop are closer to downtown Charleston while those outside of 526 are farther away.  I mention this because some people don’t realize that this boundary line exists and it is only important when you start calculating the price of homes in this area.  Some of the much older homes  built in the 1940’s are fetching nearly $500K  and they are inside the loop closer to downtown Charleston.  West Ashley is a place where you are just a touch inland and never too far away from anything going on in town.

How can I get started?

I’m so glad you asked.  Well, for starters, you need a great real estate agent.  I can help you if you’d like.  I’m willing to bet, if you’ve been here before, that you already know what part of town suits you best.  I can put you in touch with some great folks who will pre-qualify you for a loan if you need one or we can first do some research together to see what you think might work best for you.  Don’t hesitate to give me a call.  You may want to read my blog Using Your Home as an Investment if you truly want to make some money in this real estate market.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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